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Welcome to The Art of Engineering Podcast! 

This podcast series explores the evolution of a career in engineering, the overlap of art & engineering, and also promotes engineering outreach and STEM / STEAM in schools.

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Nov 15, 2016

On this exciting interview we welcome artist David Malki!, author of the comic strip Wondermark (  

wondermark banner

Wondermark is a digital comic strip including 19th-century book and magazine illustrations. David also publishes articles, books, and creates t-shirts, wondermark-related art and products, and is the genious or co-genius behind other fun projects, like the Machine of Death anthology and board game.

Here are some links mentioned on the show, I highly recommend following these for some great fun and diversions:

Topatoco - interesting, funny and unusual t-shirt artwork With David Malki” and Kris Straub

A few of my favorite comics from wondermark:

#795; In which a Cat is lost

#983; In which a Feast is netted

#1193; Work Smarter, Not Gooder

#1015; The Longest Monday, Part 3


Music: Tracks “Jade” and "Crusader" by Scott Buckley –


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This podcast series will explore the evolution of a career in engineering. We will be looking at life in engineer, from college, to early design and technical duties, to perspective of more senior design engineers. You can visit us online at and

Key Words: art, comics, graphic design, engineering, education, steam, stem, victorian