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Welcome to The Art of Engineering Podcast! 

This podcast series explores the evolution of a career in engineering, the overlap of art & engineering, and also promotes engineering outreach and STEM / STEAM in schools.

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Key Words: art, engineering, steam, stem, structural, geotechnical

Jul 21, 2016

In this exciting "Structural Art" podcast of The Art of Engineering, we talk with Professor Maria Garlock, Associate Professor at Princeton University! Professor Garlock teaches a fascinating course on the Art of Engineering: Bridges available at edX:

Maria shared a wonderful quote in answer to the question: is this process of these iterations of design an imaginative process or "logical reasoning based on technical training"?

"It is both together, the imagination alone could not have reached such a design unaided by reason.  To me it seems clear that imagination can operate successfully only in conjunction with the basic principles of technical creative work.”

~ Eduardo Torroja, Structural Engineer

Also check out Professor Garlock's web page for exciting information on research, structural art and STEM:

Check out the book on "Structural Art" mentioned in the podcast:

"The Tower and the Bridge: The New Art of Structural Engineering" by David P. Billington


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This podcast series will explore the evolution of a career in engineering. We will be looking at life in engineer, from college, to early design and technical duties, to perspective of more senior design engineers. You can visit us online at and

Key Words: art, engineering, education, research, steam, stem, structural, structural art